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The Case of Hirsi Jamaa Et Al. V. Italy: Amicolo Romina: Amazon.se

Facts Applicants left Libya aboard vessels with the aim of reaching Italy. The vessels were intercepted by Italian authorities, transferred to Italian military ships and returned to libya. They were handed over tot he Libyan authorities, as was agreed per bilateral agreement between Libya and Italy. Hirsi Jamaa v. Italy.

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The fundamental question faced by the court was whether the inter-cepted migrants were within Italian jurisdiction for the purposes of the the European Court for Human Rights in Hirsi Jamaa v. Italy5 held that Italy's interdiction on the high seas of Somali and Eritrean migrants and their return to Libya from whence they had embarked without affording them the opportunity to seek asylum, violated the European Convention 1. Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, art. The case of Hirsi Jamaa and others V. Italy and the right to have rights The Migration - Degrowth Nexus by Romina Amicolo* The novelty of the sentence The novelty of the Hirsi Jamaa case is the new exploit that the principle of not refoulement, must be observed also on the high seas by the European States, because the rescue As the migrants in the Hirsi Jamaa case were judged to be under Italian jurisdiction, they were liable to an effective remedy under Article 13 of the Convention.

the full references an exp ana t Hl See below Section 3.1. Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, VoL 30/2 (2012) 139 .

HRW och Amnesty: Italien är ansvariga för misshandel i

They were handed over tot he Libyan authorities, as … 2020-06-22 2012-02-04 Related documents: UNHCR's oral intervention at the European Court of Human Rights - Hearing of the case Hirsi and Others v. Italy (22 June 2011); and Submission by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the Case of Hirsi and Others v.

Watered-down rights on the high seas: Hirsi Jamaa and others

Hirsi jamaa

1. (Processo n. 27765/09). SENTEN ÇA. ESTRASBURGO. 23 de Fevereiro de 2012.

Hirsi jamaa

Arianna Jacqmin. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package.
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Se t.ex. artikel 33(1) i flyktingkonventionen. Jfr Hirsi Jamaa and Others v.

They were handed over tot he Libyan authorities, as was agreed per bilateral agreement between Libya and Italy. Hirsi Jamaa v.
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Landmark judgment of the Strasbourg Court on push-backs in

v. Italien (23.2.2012, punkt 200).

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Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, VoL 30/2 (2012) 139 . But there is a more fundam t 1 .

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27765/09, dom den 23 februari 2012. EU-domstolen, Mål C-550/16, A. och S. 126 Europadomstolens för mänskliga rättigheter dom den 23 februari 2012 i målet Hirsi Jamaa m.fl. mot Italien (appl. no.

Den modiga Ayaan Hirsi Ali har också en spännande blogg som ofta hittar nyheter man missat. Nyligen Al Jamaa al Islamiya (Egypten) " Original judgment - HIRSI JAMAA AND OTHERS v. ITALY.pdf. Other sources cited: Note on International Protection of 13 September 2001 (A/AC.96/951, § 16), the UNHCR. In the case, Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy, the Court considered the plight of 24 people from Somalia and Eritrea who were among more than 200 people intercepted at sea by Italian authorities in 2009 and forced to return to Libya, their point of departure. 2 HIRSI JAMAA AND OTHERS v.